We're trying something different this season.. as we look to onboard new retail partners for the future starting with our Fall Winter 2021 collection, we wanted to offer you, our community, a chance at securing your favorite pieces via pre-order from our latest collection at 20% off the retail price. This helps us gauge demand, fund production, and reduce unnecessary waste. 

All items in this collection will start shipping August 27, 2021. On the official release of our collection, prices will return to retail prices. 

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach us via text at 989-898-3869 or by email at info@depuistojours.nyc

Thanks for your support!

*Discounted prices will be in effect until the official release of our collection. 
*No other discount codes can be combined for this collection's items. 
*More items will be added over time leading up to Fall 2021, so check back regularly.